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The thing about Signal Magician is that it is oriented to businesses that want to build their own brand. If you’ll use any other similar trade copier software you cannot go that far and your brand building won’t go the right way.

On any social trading network, you will be just another choice out of thousands and people will simply subscribe to a few signal providers at the top.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that social trading networks and tools are bad or that any other software is a disaster. No. There are certainly other solutions out there that are great. But let me tell you why I think Signal Magician is a better choice. And then you decide what’s better for you, your business, and most importantly your clients.

What is Signal Magician?

First of all, what is Signal Magician?

Signal Magician is a white label copy trading platform for MetaTrader 4. It is not just another remote trade copier. Signal Magician is an all-in-one solution for signal providers to running a successful and scalable trading signal business.

It all started when I was running my own trading signal service several years ago and you can read my story in my book “How to start your own Forex signal service”.

Being a programmer, I’ve decided to build my own remote trade copier and over the last 10 years, this software became a complete platform for selling your signals online. I’ve put so much work into this project and I am proud that many businesses are running on Signal Magician managing well over 20 million dollars.

Why Signal Magician is a better choice?

With Signal Magician your web panel is hosted for you under your sub-domain and there are no links to us. We are in the background. You get a full white label solution.

Another thing is support. We give support to you and your team. We are not available 24/7 on chat, but no email is left unanswered and no problem is left unsolved. In fact, over the years we did not have any software trouble that would require immediate attention.

From what my customers said to me, you cannot expect such support from other software providers, unless it is something basic.

I never want to say anything bad about my competitors, I am sure they work as hard as everyone else, but I really have customers who switched to our solution from other software because they didn’t provide support.

Another good thing with Signal Magician is that it is easy to manage trading accounts. You don’t want to make this a nightmare. Trust me. Without Signal Magician, I know there will be lots of trouble and frustration finding MT4 accounts among dozens of Windows servers and lots of Windows users.

One of our biggest clients host MT4s on their servers. They have 1500+ client accounts managing 10+ million GBP. Those MT4s are hosted on 15+ servers and divided between multiple Windows usernames on each server because that way everything works better when there are 12 MT4 platforms running per username.

Imagine what a nightmare it would be if you have to restart some MT4 account #1233633 because it is offline. Or the client reports a trade missing and you’ll have to find that MT4 and check what’s going on.

How will you find it?

Signal Magician shows where exactly each MT4 platform is running. What IP address, which username. That way it is easy to find it.

I know you might say “that’s not my problem, my team from Pakistan will take care of that”. But honestly, all these difficulties will only raise the chances to screw something up. You don’t want that.

And more, you won’t even know which accounts out of 1000 are offline or online because other software won’t show that information for you.

In Signal Magician, you see all online/offline accounts and you even know on which VPS server and Windows username you can find each MT4.

Another frustrating thing about other remote copiers is that you usually cannot send signals from multiple MT4 accounts under the same domain. They either don’t have such an option or if you try to do this all positions get closed on the client.

With Signal Magician, you can have multiple strategies, client accounts can choose which ones to copy and even set different risk/lot size for each connection.

So let me remind why Signal Magician is a better choice:

  1. White Label. You can sell your trading signals from your own website under your own domain and your own brand. Selling signals from the website of some trade copier is not a business. Owners of Signal Magician would be embarrassed to offer their clients to copy trades through some platform outside their business.
  2. Scalability. I cannot test how every other trade copier software works out there if you connect 1000+ accounts, but knowing how difficult it is to handle that many connections and how many server resources they consume I doubt you can do that with any cheap trade copier software. We have businesses selling trading signals to 1500+ clients (all live MT4 accounts) and it works well. The best part, there is room to scale even more.
  3. Need support? SM support team is here to help you. We do not provide support for your customers, but you, as an owner of SM get support if you find something confusing or have issues.
  4. Automatic payments and user creation. Signal Magician integrates with Stripe and PayPal. With SM customer onboarding is automated. Users come to your website, subscribe to monthly payments and their account gets created automatically with a Welcome email in their inbox. That means you get new clients connecting even while you sleep. And if you are hosting their MT4 on your servers, then all you have to do is to install new MT4 accounts in the morning.
  5. Marketing. SM connects with MailChimp because real businesses need to have their clients on the email list.
  6. Want to offer a free trial? SM allows that and the process is automated. You won’t need to create accounts and then later disable them yourself, etc.
  7. Want to charge a 20% performance fee from the profits you generate? SM can do that too (invoicing, payment link delivery with Stripe, etc).
  8. Need to export performance fees into your own accounting software because handling hundreds or thousands of invoices manually does not make sense? SM allows exporting info in CSV so you can import it into XERO for example.
  9. Partial close, CloseBy, correct SL/TP managing, with Signal Magician you have it all done well unlike with many other copiers that mess these things up.
  10. Web panel to manage your customer access in one place. You can also see every MT4 account status and details, open trades, balance, equity, etc.
  11. Customers can subscribe to multiple signals from one web panel, receive them to the same MT4 account, and they can even have different risk settings for each signal.
  12. You can see which MT4 accounts are online or offline and even have a special monitoring plugin notify you or your customers about offline MT4 accounts.
  13. SM shows on which IP address and Windows username every MT4 is running. It makes it easy to find any MT4.

I don’t know your intentions, but if you are aiming for 1000 users then you don’t want your support team being busy all day going through their Excel file to find where this or that MT4 account is running exactly.

You want them to take care of more important things like setting up new clients and their MT4, etc.

Maybe other solutions cost less and you can hire a cheap customer support team from Pakistan, it’s for you to decide.

But look at it this way.

1000 users paying $50/month will bring you $50,000 monthly! Don’t you want to treat those customers with care?

I don’t know if you already have experience hiring from Pakistan or not, maybe it works well for you (I am jealous then), but my experience hiring remotely from India, Bangladesh, and similar countries always ended up in trouble.

I hope you find value in my honest words. If you’ll decide to do business somewhere else I wish you the best of luck and will be waiting for you to return.

If you decide to do your business here with Signal Magician then I’ll do my best that everything works at its best.

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