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Duplicate trades are not possible with Signal Magician. Our remote trade copier has multiple algorithms to prevent any duplicate trades. It’s just not possible for the Signal Magician to copy the same trade twice.

However, we have seen a few cases when customers had duplicate trades, but every time there’s a simple explanation which is usually a wrong remote trade copier software setup on the client end.

Most often problems for duplicate trades are:

  1. Running more than one Client EA on the same MT4 account. Even if you have the same MT4 on another computer and it also has a Client EA running this would create duplicate trades. That’s a wrong way of using the software.
  2. When Client EA is following more than one Signal Provider and they create the same trades (i.e. two separate Signal Providers go long EURUSD @ 1.2234). Those two trades would end up copied to a client account and look like duplicates but in reality, they arrive from different Signal Providers and are treated as different trades.
  3. Running master account on multiple instances with the Server EA attached. We’ve seen cases when traders thought they had closed master MT4 account, opened it again and applied the Server EA to it. But in reality, this created two instances of the same master MT4 account running with the Server EA which can create duplicate trades.

Please double check your setup. If you still have trouble, contact Signal Magician customer support and our team will help you.

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