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Let me describe the differences between the Signal Magician and the Local Trade Copier.

Signal Magician is for independent signal services

Signal Magician is a remote trade copier which can copy trades between an unlimited number of MT4 accounts located on the different computers anywhere internet. Trade copying, in this case, happens through the internet. MT4 accounts can be located in different countries or on the same computer. This means your clients do not need to give you their MT4 password but receive trades directly to their MT4 anywhere in the world by running Client EA on MT4.

Signal Magician also has a control panel which comes in the form of a website where you can manage your client access. This means you’ll need a web server to host your SM panel. I recommend LiquidWeb dedicated servers or smaller, VPS servers from LiquidWeb.

SM was built for those who want to have an independent trade copier service (signal service) and run it as a real business. If you’re selling trading signals on social trading networks you don’t actually have customers but only followers. The moment you’ll have to switch accounts, create a new signal or your account gets shut down for whatever reason, you won’t be able to contact those followers and invite to another place, for a new service or product. But with Signal Magician it is different. Every client you connect will come with their email address and even phone number if you prefer. This means you can contact them anytime regarding any question or offer.

Signal Magician can also send email and SMS trade alerts to notify about trading signals. Also, users can be notified by email when MT4 goes offline. connect with payment systems like PayPal and ClickBank and much more.

Signal Magician connects with payment systems like PayPal and ClickBank which means you won’t have to pay 20% commissions (or more) to your signal network and receive payment directly to your account.

Signal Magician also allows clients to follow unlimited Signal Provider accounts and receive all trades to the same MT4 account with an option to set different risk size for each Provider they follow. This is not possible with MQL5 Signals and many other platforms where only one signal can be copied at client side per MT4 account. It is very inconvenience to have 10 MT4 accounts to follow 10 signals and Signal Magician solves that problem.

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Local Trade Copier is for retail traders and small signal services

Local Trade Copier is a copier which copies trades between MT4 accounts on the same computer. It means your friends and clients will have to give you their MT4 login and password.

LTC does not have web panel to control user access, but since you will need client account MT4 passwords to run them on your computer you will still be in control who are receiving your trades.

Local Trade Copier price is affordable nearly for anyone and can be setup in minutes.

No web server is required to use LTC software.

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