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Signal Magician for MT5 (Standard Package)



  • MT5 Signal Magician for 1x sub-domain
  • MT5 Client Accounts: 200
  • MT5 Signal Provider Accounts: 5
  • Updates & Technical support for 1-year
  • Full installation of SM web panel on your web-server

NOT included:

  • Signal Magician Web Panel hosting
  • MT5 hosting
  • Custom programming & customization

Release date: April, 2021

License Type: Lifetime one-time payment

What functions will it have: Mostly everything from MT4 Signal Magician: Lot Allocation, Performance Billing, Trade Filters, Suffix detection, etc.

Limitations: MT5 Signal Magician will work on MT5 hedging accounts only (we will be planning MT5 Netting account support later)



This is a pre-order of the software product (Signal Magician Lifetime license) that is currently under development. Pre-sale ends 2021.03.31 and after this date, we will no longer offer Lifetime licenses anymore. You will get access to this software in April, 2021.

SM Web Panel hosting is NOT included. You have to install your SM web panel on your web-server. We'll help you with the installation and will recommend a great Web hosting provider configured specifically for Signal Magician.

MT5 Terminal Hosting is NOT included. You have to do MT5 hosting yourself or leave this to your customers. If you decide to do MT5 hosting yourself we'll recommend a great Windows VPS provider for this.

You can upgrade to any higher plan any time later by paying a prorated price difference.

We provide technical support only by email and you can expect a response within 12-72 hours. We provide technical support only to the owners of Signal Magician or their team members. We will not provide technical support to your customers (you will have to do this yourself). Make sure you read instruction manuals before contacting technical support with any questions because many answers are in there.

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Quickly sell your trading signals directly from MetaTrader 5 account through your website with the Signal Magician white-label software.

Signal Magician is an All-In-One Remote Trade Copier Platform for signal providers designed to send Trading Signals with automatic execution directly to unlimited MT5 accounts located anywhere in the world. It works with any MT5 platform (hedging accounts only), even on different brokers, has automatic and manual lot size allocation options, and many other features.

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