Signal Magician preparation

We need the following information to create your Signal Magician license. We will prepare the software in 1-3 business days after you provide us this information.

We need 5 pieces of information from you so we could prepare your custom Signal Magician files and install them on the web-server.


Sub-domain for your Signal Magician control panel

Tell us what sub-domain you want to use for your Signal Magician control panel website so we could prepare the license. This is where the SM control panel login page will appear.

Signal Magician license works only on a single website/sub-domain. Once the license is set up with your sub-domain it cannot be changed! Your SM license will be locked to your sub-domain. If you want to run Signal Magician on another sub-domain, you will need to buy an additional license.

How to choose a sub-domain for Signal Magician license?

Example 1:
Example 2: you can buy a completely new domain name for Signal Magician control panel website.

Note that on this sub-domain (web address) that you choose you will see the Signal Magician login screen, so it should NOT be your main website address. The best choice is something like


Point your SM sub-domain to a new IP address

We need to create a DNS A record to point your sub-domain to our IP address. You can do this yourself (after we provide you with the IP address) or we can do this for you if you provide us with the login and password to your DNS registrar's control panel. It is the place where you've purchased your domain name. To give you a clue, most popular DNS registrars are GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc. If you do not understand this step, just let us know, and we'll help you.

IMPORTANT: Cloudflare or similar proxy redirects does not work with Signal Magician. It has to be DNS A record.


The name of your product

Let us know the name of your product. We need a full product name and short abbreviation of it.

Example of a full product name: Profitable Forex Signals
Example of short abbreviation: PFS

We will use the abbreviation to create the file names of your SM Server EA and SM Client EA files.

Following the example of EA files names with a short product name PFS would be:
A) PFS Client EA v1.X.ex4
B) PFS Server EA v1.X.ex4


Logo image

Send us the logo image of your company or your product. It should be at least 300px width and 100px height in size.

We will use the logo image to EA auto-installer and also add it on the login page of your SM control panel website.


E-mail delivery

You will also need an email delivery service (SMTP) so that your Signal Magician can send email notifications to your customers. We recommend SendGrid because it works very well and it is free (although, we've noticed that paid plans do a better job avoiding spam folder and delivering email to inboxes).

Create your FREE SendGrid account for email delivery here:

Once created SendGrid account, let us know your SendGrid login info so we could link it with your Signal Magician account. Or you can input your SendGrid login info yourself when you have the access to your Signal Magician panel (see the SMTP Settings section on the Admin Settings inside your web panel).

Recommendations for the Windows VPS servers

You will need Dedicated Windows servers (or VPS) if you decide to host all MetaTrader 4 accounts of your customer on your servers

We recommend servers.

If you need to host just a few MT4 platforms, you should look into their basic plans like FX-1 or FX-2. You can use promo code EACODER15 to get a 15% discount on FX-1 plan.

For more powerful servers that can handle 25+ or even 100+ MT4 platforms, you should be looking at their Dedicated Servers.

Order DEDICATED SERVER FX-1 NY to run up to 25 MT4/MT5

Order DEDICATED SERVER FX-2 NY to run up to 75 MT4/MT5

Order DEDICATED SERVER FX-4 NY to run up to 150 MT4/MT5


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