Signal Magician preparation

This is the information I will need to create your Signal Magician license after your purchase. Software will be delivered in 1-3 business days after you provideme this information.

I need 4 pieces of information from you

  1. SM control panel sub-domain
    Please send me sub-domain for your Signal Magician control panel website so I could prepare license. This is where control panel login page will appear.
    Signal Magician license works only on a single website/sub-domain and unlimited Metatrader 4 accounts. Once license is setup with your sub-domain it can not be changed.
    Your SM license will be locked to your sub-domain.
    If you want to run Signal Magician on another sub-domain, you will need to buy additional license.

    How to choose website address for Signal Magician license?

    Example 1:
    Example 2: you can buy completely new domain name for Signal Magician control panel website

    Note that on this web address that you choose you will see the Signal Magician login screen, so it should NOT be your main website address.
    Best choice is something like

  2. The name of your product
    Let me know the name of your product. I need full product name and short abbrevation of it.
    Example of a full product name: Profitable Forex Signals. Abbrevation: PFS

  3. File names of SM Expert Advisors (EA)
    Let me know what names you want for your SM Server EA and SM Client EA files.

    Default file names of the software are:
    A) SM Client EA v1.X.ex4
    B) SM Server EA v1.X.ex4

    If you want these file names to be changed, please let me know. It is best to leave the v1.X (which is an EA version) in a file name for future convenience.

    Following example with a product name PFS I recommend these EA file names:
    A) PFS Client EA v1.X.ex4
    B) PFS Server EA v1.X.ex4

  4. Logo, icon and a banner image for auto-installer
    Send me the logo of your company or your product. Its size should be at least 300px x 100px.
    I will use the logo to create a banner image for EA auto-installer and also add it on your SM control panel website login page.
    If you want to design auto-installer banner image yourself, make sure it is of the correct size which is 165px x 315px.
    I will also convert your logo to a 48x48 icon for auto-installer and web-site favicon. Alternatively you can design them yourself.

Installation of Signal Magician control panel

You can install SM control panel yourself or hire me to do this for you.
I charge a fee of €200 EUR for the SM control panel installation (unless it was stated differently in the purchase agreement).
If you need to purchase installation service, click here to order.
To install SM control panel I will need login to your Linux dedicated web-server cPanel. If you do not have cPanel then I will need FTP login and MySQL database access through phpMyAdmin.

SM control panel installation service includes:
- Sub-domain creation/setup/DNS configuration (if needed)
- Basic web-server configuration fixes (if needed)
- Installation of SM control panel (including plug-ins) on your web-server
- Configuration of plug-ins and server Cronjobs for proper SM plug-in operation

If you do not know what web-server to choose, see my recommendations below. If you rent the web-server through my affiliate link I can help you set up the web-server. All you will have to do just forward me login information you receive from LiquidWeb.

Recommendations for the web-server

These are the recommendations for the Linux web-server where you will have to host your SM control panel (in a form of a website). Server EA and Client EA will have to run on a separate machine operated by Windows OS which can be a VPS or home computer (see below).

For many years we are working with the VpsForexTrader Team and they are very reliable and scalable in the server hosting business.
They have prepared special packages for Signal Magician with special configuration that no other hosting provider will offer.
We recommend their high performance web servers for hosting your Signal Magician web panel.

For up to 200 clients order SM200 plan:
For up to 500 clients order SM500 plan:
For up to 1000 clients order SM1000 plan:

Recommendations for the Windows VPS servers

I recommend servers.

For just several MT4 platforms you should look into their basic plans like FX-1 or FX-2.
You can use promo code EACODER15 to get a 15% discount.

For more powerful servers that can handle a lot of MT4 platforms you should be looking at dedicated servers.
CLICK HERE for Windows dedicated servers.

For about 25x MT4 platforms they offer 8x Core CPU server for $100/mo.
For about 70x MT4 platforms they offer 12x Core CPU server for $200/mo.
For about 140x MT4 platforms they offer 24x Core CPU server for $300/mo.
There is also a $100 setup fee, but if you pay at least 3 months upfront the setup fee is not applied.

IMPORTANT! If you are running SM Server EA or SM Client EA on a VPS server or computer with multiple CPU cores, you should check if their efficiency is not affected by little known MT4 issue when running on multi-core CPU machine.
Read this article to learn more about this and improve the speed of your trade copier EA.