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MT5 Signal Magician Lifetime License PRE-SALE!

This is a rare one-time opportunity to pre-order the MT5 Signal Magician Lifetime License.
Pre-sale ends 2021.02.28 and after this date, we will no longer offer Lifetime licenses anymore.

MT5 Signal Magician's official release date is 2021.03.01, but only on annual plans. Grab your Lifetime license while you can!

Pre-Order MT5 Signal Magician LIFETIME License
(While Available)

For a limited time, you have this rare one-time opportunity to pre-order the MT5 Signal Magician Lifetime License. Pre-sale ends 2021.02.28 and after this date, we will no longer offer Lifetime licenses anymore.

MT5 Signal Magician's official release date is 2021.03.01, but only on annual plans.

Grab your Lifetime license now while you can!

Next Price Increase In ...

  • When?

    Release date 2021-03-01

  • License Type?

    Lifetime one-time payment

  • How many accounts supported?

    Depends on the package you choose

  • What functions will it have?

    Mostly everything from MT4 Signal Magician: Lot Allocation, Performance Billing, Payment Gateway Integrations, Multi-Language Web Panel, etc.

Sell Trading Signals Directly From MT5 Through Your Website With This White Label Software

What is Signal Magician?

Signal Magician is an All-In-One Remote Trade Copier Platform for signal providers designed to send Trading Signals with automatic execution directly to unlimited MT5 accounts located anywhere in the world.

Signal Magician works with MT5 and MT4 platforms, different Forex brokers, offers many automatic and manual lot size allocation options, and lots of functionalities for modern era marketing.


Performance Billing (High-Water Mark)

Signal Magician has a Performance Billing system based on a High Water Mark. You can charge your investors every month a performance fee (i.e., 20%). There’s also an option to set individual performance fee size for each customer.


Payment Gateway Integration

Signal Magician integrates with popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and ClickBank. As soon as the payment reaches your account, SM will send a welcome email to a new customer with the access info to the member area.


Multi-Language Web Control Panel

Signal Magician comes with a control panel built as a membership website and it will be accessible to you and your customers on your sub-domain. Log in from anywhere in the world from a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device.

The Only Real White Label Solution

Signal Magician is probably the only remote trade copier with a complete custom branding option.

Setup independent copy trading infrastructure using your brand (private or public). Signal Magician is a good choice even if you do not want to sell signals publicly to everyone and only offer your service to private investors.

You will have your membership area site installed on your sub-domain, Server EA and Client EA will have their own auto-installer, and everything will look like your proprietary company software.




I call Signal Magician a remote trade copier on steroids and an all-in-one solution for signal providers because it's unbelievable how much it can do.


Signal Magician can connect to your MailChimp account so that you can have all SM users on your email list assigned to proper groups by subscription status (active, subscribed, expired).


Signal Magician allows you to send trading signals via email or SMS messages. Clients can turn on/off signal alerts. Admin can enable/disable this service for each customer individually.



Signal Magician uses an SSL connection for high-level security and also allows you to limit admin login from selected IP addresses. Web panel login offers 2-factor authentication.


Signal Magician can monitor the status of each and every Server EA & Client EA and inform via email if any of them goes offline or returns back online.

Choose MT5 Signal Magician Lifetime Package

Copy Trading Signals to 1000's of MT5 and MT4 accounts Worldwide in 1 second for a one-time payment of only €5.99 per client.

You can upgrade to any higher plan any time later by paying a price difference.

By purchasing this product, you agree with our Terms & Conditions.

After the release of MT5 Signal Magician, we will NOT offer Lifetime licenses anymore!
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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€2,997 EUR
  • Signal Magician for 1x sub-domain
  • Up to 200 Client accounts
  • Up to 5 Signal Provider accounts
  • 1 Year Support & Updates


€3,997 EUR
  • Signal Magician for 1x sub-domain
  • Up to 500 Client accounts
  • Up to 20 Signal Provider accounts
  • 2 Years Support & Updates
  • Custom coding & customization (20 hours)


€5,997 EUR
  • Signal Magician for 1x sub-domain
  • Up to 1000 Client accounts
  • Up to 50 Signal Provider accounts
  • 3 Years Support & Updates
  • Custom coding & customization (50 hours)

Need a custom plan? Contact Us Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions I am happy to answer them all. Send me an email or contact me through this form. We can even schedule a Zoom or Skype call.

Can I copy cross platforms between MT4 and MT5?

Signal Magician for MT5 is available only to those who have a Signal Magician's Lifetime license for MT4, and SM-MT5 will share the same web panel with your original SM-MT4.

This means you can copy trades from MT5 to MT4 and MT4 to MT5 within the same sub-domain. Of course, you'll have the option to copy MT5 to MT5 and the good old MT4 to MT4 🙂

Can I install the SM-MT5 instance on another sub-domain?

Yes. You are buying a new SM-MT5 license, and you have a choice to choose another sub-domain. However, you would have your current SM-MT4 license on one sub-domain and SM-MT5 on another sub-domain in such a case. This means you will NOT be able to copy between MT4 and MT5 or vice-versa.

In summary, you have 2 choices:

  1. Use SM-MT5 independently of your SM-MT4 on another sub-domain. Both licenses would be separate, and you will NOT be able to copy trades from MT4 to MT5 or vice-versa.
  2. Use SM-MT5 on the same sub-domain as your SM-MT4. In this case, you can copy from MT5 to MT4 and MT4 to MT5 because both will be running within the same sub-domain.
Are you able to provide monthly installments for a year?

I can offer 12x monthly installments. I'll have to raise the price in this case by 20% to keep it fair to those who buy instantly in one-payment.

For example, the Standard plan in one payment costs €2,997 EUR, but in 12x monthly installments, it would cost 12 x €299 EUR = €3,588 EUR.

Contact me for a special payment link if you want to take the installment plan.

Does this include the EA Licensing Module?

If you own the EA Licensing Module for your SM-MT4, then you'll have it for your SM-MT5 too.

EAL for SM-MT5 will work the same as for your SM-MT4. It will generate a special MQL5 code snippet for your MT5 Expert Advisor or MT5 Indicator so that you can protect it with a license key that can have an expiration.

If you do not have EAL Module yet, then you can purchase an unlimited version separately. The price is €2,000 EUR. Contact me if you want to buy the EAL Module.

Our Customers Love ❤ Signal Magician 😍


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