Sell Forex Trading Signals Directly From Your MT4 On Your Website Under Your Brand

You can earn extra income with your MT4 account (live or demo).

Let me explain. Copy your trades to follower accounts anywhere in the world and charge a fixed monthly subscription fee.

Here's an example for you.

Selling your trading signals to 100 subscribers paying $50/month would generate you $5,000 every month.

If you get a new subscriber every day, it means you will reach 100 subscribers in less than four months. And I guess you already know several people who would join to copy your signals today.

Average monthly price for trading signals on the Internet these days is around $100/month, which means if you charge $100/month then you only need 50 people copying your trades to make $5,000 a month.

But to make it happen in a professional way under your brand you'll need a software called
Signal Magician.

How It Works?
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Signal Magician - the all-in-one remote trade copier for trading signal providers

Signal Magician is your #1 white label copy trading platform with a remote trade copier already integrated inside.

Signal Magician has a web panel to control user access and view MT4 trading history and other account information in real-time.

Signal Magician is a complete in-house solution designed to be installed on your sub-domain.

Send your Forex Signals directly to unlimited MT4 accounts with automatic execution located anywhere in the world. Works with any MT4 platform, different brokers, and has several automatic and manual lot size allocation options.

And if that's not enough for you Signal Magician can also deliver Forex signals by email and SMS messages, and also integrates with PayPal, ClickBank, Stripe, and MailChimp.

How Signal Magician remote trade copier platform work

A technical explanation how Signal Magician copies the trades between MetaTrader 4 accounts located in different parts of the world on the same or different brokers.

Server EA runs on the master MT4 account where you trade manually or use another EA for that. Server EA monitors your master account for new trades and any changes of the existing trades and then sends all this information to the database (SM control panel). This happens every second non-stop with all master accounts you connect to SM.

At the same, Client EA runs on all client MT4 accounts and it connects to the database to download the trade list of a master account. Client EA carefully compares the data with all the trades currently running on the client account and make any necessary changes to make those trades match with the master. In others words, Client EA opens new trades and close or modify existing trades following the master. This also happens every second non-stop with all client accounts connected to the SM.


What you need to operate the Signal Magician software

Step #1: Get the Signal Magician remote trade copier. See Signal Magician pricing here.

Step #2: Connect your MT4 trading account and your follower’s accounts through Signal Magician. It takes a few minutes.

Step #3: Subscribers will pay you monthly fees on a recurring basis. As an administrator, you can also add anyone as a client or signal provider manually for free.

Step #4: Clients copy your trading success and profit together with you.

8 Reasons Why Having Your Own Independent Copy Trading Platform is a Much Better Choice

99% of Forex signal providers do not get subscribers because they are one of the too many choices.

To become a successful Forex signal service you need to have a copy trading platform in-house and be an independent business.

Trust me. Independent trading signal service is the way to go if you want to have success.

  • You are your own boss with your own rules. You do not have to meet any requirements.

  • You can collect email addresses and communicate with each customer or prospect.

  • People will choose to copy your signals only because there will be no other providers on your own website.

  • You promote only your own brand and service when buying ads and traffic to your website.

  • Your business will be visible on Google, which means free organic traffic and more clients.

  • No one will shut you down like all those signal providers when Currensee, TraderConnect and, IBFX Connect networks were closed.

  • You are not forced to use a particular broker and your clients can receive trades to accounts with any broker company they want.

  • People will trust your service more as it will look proprietary and professional comparing to one of several thousand signals on a public social trading platform.

My goal was to create a remote trade copier platform so powerful and feature-rich nothing else on the market could touch it. It had to have these features:

  • Fully White Label so that you can brand it and present as your company proprietary software.

  • Allow controlling position size proportions (and other settings) separately for each strategy the client is following.

  • Work with any Forex broker that offer MetaTrader 4 trading terminal. This means signal providers and clients can be on different or the same broker.

  • 100% comply with MetaQuotes MT4 terms of service so users will have zero risks of having their accounts banned or signal providers sued

Yes, I Want Signal Magician!

Here’s What My Customers Are Saying:

I have worked with many Forex companies over the last 16 years and I can say with all sincerity and without reservation, Rimantas is miles ahead of the others. I have no hesitation in giving 5 stars to Rimantas for the Remote Trade Copier which works great, and 5 stars for the overall pleasant experience we have had since the beginning of our journey with him.

Ben Lewis
United States,

This software is well thought out and takes care of many important issues that trade copying service providers face. The after sales service given for troubleshooting of the software has been excellent and I believe it will continue to be. I am pleased to say that we are satisfied with the purchase and support service.

Jay Ng

The Signal Magician is a revolutionary technique to combine MT4 programming language and administrative control panel. I have been using other trade copier services, but what makes SM different than others is the user friendly admin panel, which allows you and your team to manage your subscriptions, signal providers and data processing in real time. You will never feel alone with amazing customer service and regular updates. Rimantas has a great knowledge of both programming in web base applications and MT4 coding. For signal providers this remote trade copier is an ultimate advanced package and I definitely recommend it.

Amin Najafi

Three years ago I tried to find trade copy system to copy my trades to my friends on the Internet. I’ve purchased several systems, but unfortunately those were useless and unreliable. Finally I’ve found the Remote Trade Copier and since then I have no problems with trade copying. I recommend Remote Trade Copier system to everybody who needs to copy trades reliably and wish to enjoy the smooth operation.

Feri Kovacs

More Reasons to Love Signal Magician

I call Signal Magician a remote trade copier on steroids and all-in-one solution for signal providers because it's unbelievable how much it can do.

Control panel user interface for easy management

One of the most powerful things about the Signal Magician is that it has a control panel built as a web-application. In other words, it has a private member area which comes in a form of a website on your sub-domain.

This is where you and your customers can log in from anywhere in the world using any web-browser on a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device.

Admin, Signal Providers, and Followers see SM control panel differently and have different permissions. Clients can see a trade list of strategies they follow and change settings, while admin has the ability to manage user access, system settings, etc.

Protects Your Trading Strategy

Signal Magician protects your trading strategy whether it will be traded manually or automatically. When selling signals or providing trade copying, you never actually send your trading strategy to anyone. You only use the strategy to trade your own account where Signal Magician scans for the trades and replicate them on your client accounts.

Use Secure Connection

Signal Magician EAs connect to the database only through the control panel. It means there is no direct remote access to the database which makes it super secure. Unlike other copy trading solutions, Signal Magician takes database safety very seriously and does not require direct outside access.

Other trade copier applications would require making your database accessible for any computer from anywhere in the world. This is very insecure. Even if you limit that connection by username or IP address there is still a huge potential threat that someone will steal all the data or damage your database.

SM does not leave a chance for that to happen. And if you want extra security then SM can be switched to use the so call SSL connection mode. This is a highly secure connection that all secure portals like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo are using.

Unlimited Clients and Signal Providers (Strategies)

With Signal Magician you can have unlimited strategies to copy and unlimited clients (followers). Obviously, this depends on your Signal Magician plan.

Followers can choose which signal provider to follow, receive all trades on the same client account and even control settings individually for each strategy they copy.

Trading Signals by SMS

Signal Magician allows your clients to receive SMS notification messages directly to their phones in 200+ countries.

SMS delivery is done by Twilio so you'll need to have an account with them.

Connecting your Signal Magician with Twilio is very simple:

  1. Open Twilio account
  2. Copy Twilio API key to your Signal Magician system
  3. Turn on SMS notifications for your customers individually.

Once a trade is opened or closed (manually or using EA) an SMS message will be sent to all customers that have SMS notifications turned on.

Email Alerts to notify about trading signals

Signal Magician allows sending email notifications to each and every client to inform about trading signals happening on the master accounts. No matter how many signal providers a client is following, there will be email alerts coming from all of them.

Email alerts basically notify about trading actions happening on the signal provider's account like when a new trade is opened, or an existing trade has changed (SL, TP, open price of pending order) or when a trade is closed.

Obviously, clients have an option to turn on/off email alerts and admin can enable/disable or even set an expiry date on this service for each customer individually.

Integrates with MailChimp email marketing software

Signal Magician allows to connect your MailChimp account so you can synchronize user list from SM to your MailChimp email list and have them assigned to proper groups depending on their subscription status (active, subscribed, expired).

Such integration also allows to use MailChimp for a subscription to free (or trial period) trading signals and have each subscriber added onto Signal Magician database automatically.

Integration is done through MailChimp API 3 and is very easy to setup.

Monitoring status of each and every Server EA & Client EA

Signal Magician comes with a plugin called "EA Status Watch" which monitors if Client EA or Server EA are online/offline and notifies users by email.

Two notification modes exist: for admin and for clients.

Online/offline status of EAs can be sent to admin and/or particular clients as well.

Monitoring of EAs can be turned on/off individually for each customer.

Integrates with popular payment systems

Signal Magician integrates with PayPal and ClickBank, which are one of the most popular payment systems.

The most important thing in handling the payments is that all the fees you'll charge go directly into your PayPal or ClickBank account. As soon as the payment reaches your account, the Signal Magician will send a welcome email to a new customer with necessary login information to access member area.

And if someone wants to pay by wire transfer, cash or any other payment method, you always have the right to create usernames manually and grant access to your copy trading platform for anyone.

ClickBank also has a huge Marketplace and a huge base of affiliates that can potentially become your partners to promote your products and services.

Multi-language control panel interface

Signal Magician has a control panel which is created as a web-application and it is available in 9 languages: English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian, Italian, French and Lithuanian.

It is possible to have additional language added as well.

Yes, I Want Signal Magician!

White Label with no strings attached

Trade copier service under your company name hosted on your sub-domain. You'll just need to redirect your sub-domain (DNS A) to our IP address.

Signal Magician is probably the only remote trade copier with a complete custom branding option. There will be no web-link or text which could reveal the source of the software and it would look like your proprietary copy trading software.

Setup independent copy trading infrastructure using your brand. You can make your service private or public, which means even if you do not want to go public and offer your service for private investors only, then Signal Magician is a good choice too.

Custom Position Sizing, Lot Allocation, Percent Allocation

Signal Magician is probably the only white label remote trade copier which allows clients to set different risk proportions for each strategy they copy from you

In the illustration below I explain one of six risk management options. This one is a standard position size proportion based on server and client account size.

The formula is: (ClientCapital  /  ServerCapital)  x  Lot Size  x  Proportion


Example #1
Server capital $1,000
Client capital $500
Provider opens position of 1.0 lot
Client use proportion of 2x (double)
Client replicates the same at 1.0 lot
($500  /  $1,000)  x  1.0  x  2 = 1.0

Example #2
Server capital $10,000
Client capital $3,000
Provider opens position of 2.5 lot
Client use proportion of 1x (the same)
Client replicates the same at 0.75 lot
($3,000  /  $10,000) x 2.5 x 1 = 0.75

Example #3
Server capital $500
Client capital $50,000
Provider opens position of 0.1 lot
Client use proportion of 0.5x (half)
Client replicates the same at 5.0 lot
($50,000  /  $500) x 0.1 x 0.5 = 5.0

Example #4
Server capital $10,000
Client capital $500
Provider opens position of 2.5 lot
Client use proportion of 2x (double)
Client replicates the same at 0.25 lot
($500  /  $10,000) x 2.5 x 2 = 0.25

Signal Magician has 6 risk management options:

  1. Standard position size proportion allows following the same risk in percentage when server and client account size is different.
  2. Position size multiplier allows to follow the same position size or multiply it by chosen number regardless of account sizes.
  3. Fixed position size allows clients to have the exact same lot size for each and every trade.
  4. The risk in percentage uses a chosen percentage of a client account capital to calculate the size of each position.
  5. The risk in money uses a chosen amount of account capital to calculate the size of each position.
  6. Lot and capital ratio allow setting a custom risk to use fixed trade size for each fixed amount of capital available in the account (e.g. 0.2 lot size for every $1,000 in account).

Compatible with all MetaTrader 4 terminals from all brokers

Real, Demo, ECN, STP, Spread Betting, PAMM, you name it. Signal Magician works with any MT4 client trading terminal

Public social trading networks and many other copy trading solutions will force you to use one of just few Forex broker companies. It means you and your clients would have to open trading accounts with one of few brokers.

But Signal Magician solves this problem and gives complete freedom for each signal provider and client to choose any FX broker they want.

Clients will not be forced to transfer their funds from one broker to another just to copy trading signals you have to offer. Imagine how much time and expenses your clients will save.

And no matter what type of trading account they use, SM supports them all as long as it's with the MetaTrader 4 client trading terminal that 7 million users use worldwide.

MT4 platform hosting

There are two ways to do MT4 hosting and have Client EA running all the time.

To obey MetaQuotes policies the Signal Magician is built as an EA-based trade copier software. This means Server EA and Client EA must be running on MT4 terminals all the time to send and receive trades.

But it does not matter where those MT4 terminals are running.

You can host MT4 terminals on your own Windows VPS servers or leave this to your clients. Actually, the best practice is to offer both options. Then clients choose how they want it.

Some clients will not be comfortable to share their MT4 login information with you and your staff and feel safer by running Client EA by themselves. They can either run it on their own computer or their own VPS server.

Other clients do not care about the privacy of their MT4 account and will be happy to submit their MT4 login credentials on your Signal Magician system. Then, once you have their MT4 login information, you or your staff can use it to install client MT4 terminal, login to their account and run the Client EA.

If you plan to host MT4 terminals of your clients by yourself, then I recommend you to get Windows dedicated servers to be able to run lots of MT4 terminals.

Recommendations for the Windows VPS servers

I recommend for MT4 terminal hosting.

For just several MT4 platforms you should look into their basic plans like FX-1 or FX-2.
You can use promo code EACODER15 to get a 15% discount.

For more powerful servers that can handle a lot of MT4 platforms, you should be looking at dedicated servers.

CLICK HERE for Windows dedicated servers.

For about 25x MT4 platforms they offer 8x Core CPU server for $100/mo.
For about 70x MT4 platforms they offer 12x Core CPU server for $200/mo.
For about 140x MT4 platforms they offer 24x Core CPU server for $300/mo.

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Who Is Signal Magician For?

  • Retail and institutional Forex/Stock traders who use MetaTrader 4 client terminal to make money from trading. Increase your income by sharing your trades with other trades for a monthly subscription fee.

  • Forex brokers who want to attract more customers and make more money. Offer trading signals so that traders can grow their accounts and want to deposit more funds.

  • Forex coaches who use an MT4 platform and teach other people how to become traders and make a living trading Forex, Commodities, Metals, Stocks, Indices, etc.

  • PAMM Account Managers who want to increase their monthly income by offering copy trading signal service as an additional service.

Yes, I Want Signal Magician!

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